Sunday, June 15, 2014

Shane's wedding

Haven seen Ruben for a while... according to Yongwei, the mothergoose has disappeared for 7 years!

from girlfriend to wife

Mr Kwek says he will organise a house warming for us. If it does happen, we can induct Mrs Kwek to our E20 telepathy game. Well knowing Shane, its a big "If" ;p

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

马到功成 2014

Gathering for 2014. Photo taken by Canon model's eye surgeon boyfriend.
For those who missed him, do join the next session before he kena changed :P

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A long awaited housewarming

Catching the tail of CNY

at How's house.....finally!

Thanks to Ashley for all the wonderful food she prepared.

Thanks to organizing the "house warming" finally.

Attendance checked!

Getting to know more about rabbits today too! Apparently they should not eat carrots as their staples and they run not hop :P

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Snake Year 2013

 First gathering for 2013 where we welcome Bubble back for her Lunar New Year vacation and good bye to YX before she heads to Tokyo to become a student. 

 Of course, let us welcome to a new member, Shirley whom Shane planned to surprise with but yet was late. He was lucky that we are all nice people. 

 As usual, the gathering was full of food and where we could laugh loudly and discussing on when we can have a house-warming at How's 20 months old "new" house. 

 Cheers! Have a great Snake year!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Yixuan's Wedding

Finally, photos from yixuan's wedding, after 2 months. newly weds just after ROM
JX and Godwin!
The E20 table, thanks to all for coming. It was great to catch up with you all. yx_wedding_01
How can we not have a candid shot? HW8_0589
of Course, our dearest Yb just have to show his power when the girls are taking photo.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Let's celebrate National day

2012_08_09 - Rice Table
as usual, we need some where where we can eat alot, laugh loudly and not too expensive. However, from the buffet lunch today, we knew that even the big eater Shane is also retiring soon from the all you can eat scene... Yonghow took MC from today's session.
Of cos, the attendance photo shoot =)

 ps: International Building, Orchard is not the same as International Plaza, Tg Pagar
ps2: Never openly say no to your boss when the others are keeping quiet

Sunday, March 18, 2012

House visit to Yonghui / Korean BBQ dinner

ting ting
The main star for this visit: our new princess - Ting Ting

new mum
Can you believe that she gave birth just recently? No way.

grp shoot
Gal and guy group shoot.

ice mountain
Ice mountain group shoot

with the new baby
Photo taking with our new princess.

group photos
Photoshoot with the group before dinner.

Headed to Novena for BBQ, luckily we made reservations else the line is so long

Someone is thirsty

Chatting amongst plates of meat and golden mushrooms, of the new draw something games,selling dehumidifiers, follow up from Shane's Fri date and getting dating requirements from the available singles. and we ate alot and laughed loudly

post dinner photo
Post dinner photo, smelling of BBQ

act cute
Drinks at NYDC with topics of core exercises to strengthen the back.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

2012 1st gathering

Our first gathering for 2012 was amidst tea

Breakfast at 4pm!

Cakes for all

Meat that did not fill up someone's stomach.

Recaps of that ride in BKK which had a faulty seat belt, that night in Redang with Ironman, YHow trying very hard to not to laugh too loudly and Shane lamenting how small the beef portion was.

It was definitely an entertaining noon of catching up, as usual.

Next time, we need to find a place where we have value for money in food, have set meals, can laugh loudly and can sit there very long =) Till the next time.

Bubble, thanks for taking the trouble

Received a pleasant surprise recently :)
Thank you Bubble for taking the time and effort to print, sort and mail them to us individually. Much appreciated!!!

Btw Shane, was your mum referring to this photo above?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

JB Day trip

Finally after 3 months of discussion, we executed JB Day trip Plan.....We have a total of people and so we could fit in JX's car easily.

After a super long ride on the MRT, clearing the Malaysia custom wondering if there is a need to fill up those white forms and roaming around City Square. We headed to our 1st destination of Ba Ku Teh!

Then some coffee and a game of Monopoly Deal. Then we realised that ice water was actually charged RM1 per glass!

happy belated birthday
Surprised JX's with his belated birthday cake. Mission accomplished for YB.

group photo1

group photo 2
Then we chill-lax at JX's new place which we were envy of.

After a few games of monopoly deal, time for dinner. Really delicious zhi char place....

great food
It must been really delicious. =)

Thanks JX for a really enjoyable day out for us to eat and chill. Looking forward to another session in 2012 which may include the new outlet and some other makan place in Johore. For those interested, please register your interest and you would be duly informed.